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Why Tui Na Massage? It Works.

This is the simple truth: it works to relieve chronic pain.  By pressing memory cells while engaging surrounding tissue, the body keeps the benefits of the massage instead of sluffing them off after a couple of days.  This is especially true for chronic pain syndromes like sciatic nerve impingement, frozen shoulders, neck pain, low back… read more »

Your Body Heals Itself, Here’s How I Help

The combination of power and sensitivity is required to meet and engage with the intelligence of your body’s soft tissue and nervous system.  Listening to what and where your body needs work, and responding accordingly with the right amount of pressure at the right depth of engagement is essential to giving your body what it… read more »

Massage for Body and Mind

In Chinese medicine the facia–that lattice-like network of tissue connecting all of the structures inside our bodies (bones, muscles, organs, vessels, etc.)–is considered an organ.  They call it the “triple-burner” or “triple heater.”  It is in this “organ” that the Chinese believe the unconscious resides.  It makes sense then that with continuous massaging of the… read more »