60, 90, or 120 minute massage?

Having just returned from another profound 120 minute massage it is clear to me that it is one of the best lengths of massage.  A 60 minute massage is good for addressing specific ailments–tight neck, sore low back, and/or injuries from car accidents.  I make it feel like a very complete massage but a lot of times people wish they had more time on the table–especially taller folks.  The 90 minute sessions are great for complete work in several areas of the body and allows for the remainder of the body to be addressed much more thoroughly than an hour session.  It is truly a complete massage experience.  But 120 minutes not only allows for all quandrants of the body on both sides to be fully addressed.  Each areas of the body feels thoroughly addressed and met and the nervous system can deeply drop into its innate restorative wellspring.