Why Tui Na Massage? It Works.

This is the simple truth: it works to relieve chronic pain.  By pressing memory cells while engaging surrounding tissue, the body keeps the benefits of the massage instead of sluffing them off after a couple of days.  This is especially true for chronic pain syndromes like sciatic nerve impingement, frozen shoulders, neck pain, low back pain, chronic spinal muscle pain, and hyper-contracted hip flexors.  Memory cells are usually located where muscles insert into bones, which is also often the point that overlaps two acupuncture points.

The effect is, like the name suggests, that the body fails to remember where it was (the painful position) before treatment, and instead remains where it is (the correct, and non-painful position) after treatment.  This way of working varies markedly from traditional Swedish massage and deep tissue massage that offers only temporary relief.  After a few days with those techniques you find your body in the same kind of painful position it was in before your massage.

When the memory points of Tui Na massage are used during treatment your body experiences immediate relief that lasts.  Often times four treatments alleviate 90-95% of the initial pain.  When I was introduced to this technique I was doubtful, but after having experienced their effectiveness on my body and on the bodies I work with, there is no doubt as to the gift they offer: pain-free functioning.

If you’re in cronic pain, whether its neck, shoulder, back, or hip, and you’ve tried everything else without effect, I encourage you to come in, like many have already, and feel the benefits of returning to life without pain.