Car Accidents (MVA’s)

Car Accidents / Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA’s)

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in the state of Oregon you automatically receive $15,000 of massage and other forms of rehabilitative care from providers of your choosing.  This is your legal right and the auto insurance automatically pays for your treatment.  This is because Oregon is a PIP state.  PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, means that every insurance policy issued insures that people receive the medical care they need from car accidents regardless of who is at fault.

Seeking treatment soon after your accident is important so that injuries do not fester in your body and become chronic ailments.  As soon as you have seen your primary care physician–this can be a medical doctor (MD), chiropractor (DC), naturopathic physician (ND), or acupuncturist (LAc)–and they have written you a prescription for massage, you can schedule your first appointment with the scheduler on the right side of this page.

Be sure to ask the medical provider that prescribes massage for you to include on his/her prescription the following:

  • their diagnosis code(s)
  • the number of massage therapy treatments recommended
  • the frequency of massage therapy treatments recommended

Also, please complete the client intake form and insurance information form and bring them to your first appointment.

When treatment is complete you will be restored to the condition prior to the accident.  The amount of time and number of sessions varies for each individual.

***Massage therapy treatment differs for people involved in motor vehicle accidents because they suffer from acute and traumatic injuries.  As such, different massage techniques and a different fee schedule (the Oregon worker’s compensation fee schedule) is used for these patients.