“With my health setback, my surgeon, primary care provider, and physical therapists brought me out of crisis for which I’ll always be grateful beyond words. However Peter gave me my life back as he painstakingly helped to heal my distressed, tattered body that was left from the trauma. Carefully, kindly he listened to what I was telling him as well as what my muscles, joints and pain where telling him to restore them to homoeostasis and healing. Words, again, can’t really express my gratitude for this kind of healing, healer.”

–Name withheld by client

“I would like to share my enthusiasm for Peter’s massage talents. Peter incorporates several techniques including Qigong, making him an intuitive, sensitive and effective therapist. He has many years of experience in working with injured bodies, whether from acute sprains and strains or chronic injury. I think his serious study in Qigong makes him extremely perceptive to client’s physical and psychic pain, both of which must be healed to feel better. Despite my busy life, I have carved out the time to see Peter on a regular basis and I recommend him to my friends and patients.”

Dr. Richard E. Gellman, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon

“Peter’s massages are magical. Each time they restore my body to its rightful place – it’s truly amazing! I can’t recommend Peter highly enough!”

Beth Poteet, Community Organizer and Activist

“Peter’s aura of gentle yet firm energy comes through his hands, always addressing the needs of my body with sensitivity, intuition, and strength.”

Gavin Larsen, Oregon Ballet Theater, Principal Dancer

“For years Peter has been instrumental in keeping OBT’s dancers healthy and on the stage.”

Christopher Stowell, Oregon Ballet Theater, Former Artistic Director

“As I recover from years of stress, Peter’s work has been pivotal in regaining proper use of my body, and feeling increasingly comfortable in it.”

CJ Fredricksen, Intel retiree

“Peter has helped me to maintain my flexibility and strength–two traits absolutely essential in my field of work. I would highly recommend him to anyone involved in any kind of sports activity whether amateur or professional. He has a deep understanding of the human physique and his stellar work reflects this. After each session I feel my best and most healthy.”

Artur Sultanov, Oregon Ballet Theater, Principal Dancer